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How to Prune Hedge Roses

By Ma Wen Jie ; Updated September 21, 2017

Pruning your hedge roses annually will help maintain the health of the plants, reduce rose pests and diseases, and help maintain the overall appearance of your hedge. Rose blossoms grow on the current year's wood, so pruning your hedge to encourage new growth can help to encourage blooming. Plants and hedges that flower on the current year's growth are best pruned in the early to mid-spring.

Prune the overall shape of the hedge roses using a sharp pair of hedge shears. Electric or gas hedge trimmers also work very well.

Cut the top of the hedge flat using the shears or trimmers.

Cut the sides flat, but make sure the top is a little narrower than the bottom to allow sun to reach the leaves lower on the hedge.

Use a pair of very sharp pruning shears to remove dead wood in the hedge. Removing dead wood will encourage the growth of new wood.

Selectively remove some of the larger, older wood to encourage new wood and the roses that grow on that new wood.


Things You Will Need

  • Hedge shears or trimmers
  • Pruning shears


  • Do not remove a branch or stem that will result in a hole in your hedge. If you do, however, it should fill in relatively quickly with new growth.
  • Although aggressive pruning can result in more new growth, pruning too much can make your hedge seem bare early in the season.

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