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How to Take Care of a Malva Sylvestris Plant

Malva sylvestris is a member of the Malvaceae family and is sometimes known as tree mallow or rose mallow. Considered an annual in zones 4 to 8, this plant does self-seed, so to some it might be considered a perennial or biennial. Malva is a bushy plant with flowers that resemble hollyhocks, and blooms from late summer into fall. Colors include pink, purple, deep red and white.

Planting and Care of Malva Sylvestris

When planting either seeds or plants, choose a spot with full sun. Planting should be done in the spring. Spacing should be at least 2 feet apart for container-grown plants. Plantlings need plenty of water.

To avoid overcrowding, small plants can be thinned out by either digging them and transplanting to an alternate site or discarding them.

During the blooming season and when plants reach 1 foot in height, trim the ends of the branches to increase bushy growth.

During the summer months, Malva doesn't require much water. It is a pretty drought-tolerant plant once established.

To increase flower bloom, deadhead the spent flowers. Taller varieties mgith need staking, and some are prone to insects, such as Japanese beetles.

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