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How to Store Gardening Tools in the Garage

By Stephanie Green ; Updated September 21, 2017

After working your garden tools all season, give them a little rest by properly storing them in the garage. Making defined spaces for your tools will make it easier to find the right tool for the right job, when you need it. Proper storage will also help extend the life of your tools. Protect your investment and save yourself some time by organizing and carefully storing your tools.

Prepare tools for storage before putting them away. Clean tools after each use. Wipe away dirt and moisture with a cloth or use sandpaper to remove rust on worn tools. Drain all gas-powered tools of oil and fuel before seasonal or long-term storage.

Hang large lawn tools like rakes, hoes and shovels on hooks. Keep them off the floor to prevent tripping hazards. Prevent rust on tools that are made from metal by lightly oiling with tool oil or spraying with WD-40. Install a peg board to hang hand tools like hand shovels and pruners. Free up floor space by installing brackets on garage walls to hang wheelbarrows and stepladders.

Find new uses for non-traditional storage materials. Use a large garbage can or barrel to store rakes, brooms or other long-handled tools if there is no space to hang hooks on the wall. Use plastic containers designed to hold silverware in dish drains, instead, to hold garden tools. Keep the container on a work surface for easy access to tools.


Things You Will Need

  • Hooks
  • Peg board
  • Brackets
  • Garbage can or barrel

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