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How to Install Landscape Weed Block Cloth

Weed block cloth is used for many types of gardens as a barrier to keep weeds from penetrating and growing in garden beds and walkways. It is especially useful around shrubs, in perennial gardens or under pavers where the plantings will not be changing often. Laying the landscape fabric is a simple project that doesn't require any special tools. It is most effective when weeds have already been removed.

Clear the area where the weed block cloth will be placed. Use a shovel and garden rake to remove any rocks and existing weeds. If the landscape fabric is going into an existing garden, carefully weed around the existing plants as thoroughly as possible. Clip the bottom branches from any shrubs that are within six to eight inches of the ground to give yourself some elbow room.

Rake the garden to form a smooth surface on which to lay the cloth. This will help prevent the cloth from forming gaps that may allow weeds to poke through.

Starting at one end of the garden, place the landscape fabric on the ground and unroll as you make your way down the garden bed, covering the ground as you go. Be sure to keep the fabric aligned with the edges of the garden to avoid missed areas. If there is edging, place the edging on top of the cloth whenever possible; otherwise, tuck the cloth underneath.

When you reach the end of the garden, cut the cloth using the scissors. Continue rolling out more cloth in rows until the entire landscaped area is covered. Each successive row should overlap the previous row by 2 or more inches. If there are existing plants, cut a large slit from the edge of the cloth to the spot where the plant will poke through. Cut out a circle around the base of the plant, leaving approximately 1/2 inch around the stem free of landscaping fabric. If the plant is expected to grow much beyond its current size, cut a few radial slits in the cloth around the plant's base to allow room for the stem to grow.

Trim the edges of the cloth to fit the landscaped area and place (or replace) any edging that is part of the design.

Water the cloth with a garden hose to hold it in place while covering it with the desired mulch or stone.

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