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How to Care for a Friendship Plant

Friendship plants are green, leafy plants that are generally successful when cultivated indoors. These low-maintenance houseplants require little water and only partial sunshine, making them one of the simpler plants to keep alive. Friendship plants have meaty, gray-and-green-striped leaves that store water for later use. For this reason, they can survive droughts and extreme heat. However, they are very sensitive to cold temperatures and must be kept indoors and away from drafts in the winter months.

Plant rooted friendship plants in pots that have drainage holes in the bottom. This will keep the roots from becoming saturated with moisture.

Water friendship plants once a week, soaking the dry soil until water runs out of the hole in the bottom of the pot. They store water in their wide leaves, and therefore do not require any more moisture than that.

Place friendship plants in areas that get partial sunshine, such as near a window. Make sure they aren't too close to the window during the winter months. Friendship plants are sensitive to the cold, and the chilled glass could damage their leaves.

Move friendship plants to a humid area, such as a kitchen or bathroom, during the coldest winter months. Because they are tropical plants native to Central and South America, friendship plants do require a certain degree of humidity to grow.

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