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How to Secure a Trellis

By Lauren Wise ; Updated September 21, 2017

A trellis in the garden adds an architectural detail to your landscape, as well as provides a secure place for climbing bushes, flowers or vines to grow and flourish. You can secure a trellis to the side of a house, a wall, or insert one into the ground. Before installing a trellis to your garden, consider the type of plants you want to support with the trellis and the desired location of the structure.

Select a location for the trellis. Place the trellis where the plants you want to secure to it are already established or where you can plant them in front of the trellis. Adequate sunlight is necessary. Locate the trellis where it can easily be secured to the ground or a wall.

Examine the trellis. Trellises can either be planted in the ground or must be secured to a wall. It can be driven into the ground if the bottom posts have 2 feet of extra length for support. If the posts are not long enough, secure it to a wall.

Drive the trellis into the ground (or potted soil) with a hammer or mallet if your trellis has the 2 feet of extra length on the bottom. If the ground is too hard to hammer in the posts, dig a hole and insert the trellis. Use a level to be sure the top of the trellis is even, and adjust as necessary. Pack dirt around the posts to fully secure it.

Position the trellis against a wall or fence. It is important to attach it securely enough that it won't fall over from the weight of a growing plant or vine. Use a level to make sure the trellis is even on the wall, and mark the top left and right side so you know where to drill holes for the trellis hooks.

Drill holes for the trellis hooks, inserting a hook in either of the marked areas on the wall, as well as one directly in between these marks for added support. Depending on the type of wall or fence you are using, you may be able to insert the hooks with your own hands.

Pick up the trellis and hang it onto the hooks. Make sure the trellis is secure and firmly against the wall.

Plant climbing plants at the base of the trellis if there is not one there already. Weave and position the vines or branches along the trellis, securing heavier points with plant ties or strips of pantyhose material. As the plant grows, continue to secure the new growth to the trellis. Spread out the branches or vines so that the plant is not just growing straight up. This makes the plant look larger and adds more creativity and beauty to your garden.


Things You Will Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Trellis
  • Plant ties
  • Plant
  • Power drill
  • Trellis hooks