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How to Prune Jasmine Plants

A jasmine plant is usually grown as a vine and is a common addition to landscapes and gardens. It has a soft floral scent, grows easily and quickly up walls or a trellis, and has delicate, beautiful blooms. The two types of jasmine, summer and winter, are pruned in the same manner but at different seasons during the year. Pruning the plants requires a few gardening supplies and a little time.

Figure out when your jasmine plant needs to be pruned. Summer jasmine needs to be pruned from late summer to early fall, after blooming is completely over. Winter jasmine needs to be pruned in spring, immediately after flowering.

Use pruning shears or loppers to cut back dead, broken, nonproductive or diseased branches first. Cut back branches that are crossing each other, growing out from the plant awkwardly with no support, or in areas that are very crowded.

Cut back flowered stems to the base at an angle. Prune back every third or fourth branch in the center of the jasmine plant to open it up, provide more air circulation and allow sunlight to penetrate the center of the plant. Remove no more than one-third of the internal branching so blooming is not overly diminished.

Prune the plant to a desired height if you choose, using loppers to create a rounded appearance on the top of the plant.

Remove unwanted shoots from the base of the plant, along with suckers that grow out from the sides. These drain nutrients and take energy from healthier branches that produce flowers and grow.

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