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How to Plant Amaryllis Belladonna Seeds

Amaryllis belladonna is also known as belladonna lily or the naked lady. These bulbs are native to South Africa and the produce flowers that can grow up to three feet tall with a large cluster of blooms on the top of them. Amaryllis belladonna is hardy through zones 7 to 10; they don’t handle cold weather very well, but they do like the sun. If you want to plant Amaryllis belladonna you can do so from seed or from a bulb. Planting Amaryllis belladonna seeds is not difficult, although seedlings take a long time to flower.

Choose a spot for your Amaryllis belladonna. This flower likes full sun, but it can handle partial shade.

Prepare your soil. Amaryllis belladonna likes rich soil that is well-drained and moist. If your soil is clay-like, add sand and compost or manure to improve the drainage and texture. Work the sand and compost or manure into a depth of about one foot. If your soil is sandy just add compost or manure to improve it.

Dig a shallow trench for the Amaryllis belladonna seed, about half an inch deep. Sprinkle the seeds in the hole and cover with soil lightly. Do no pat down.

Water the Amaryllis belladonna seeds regularly, about three times a week for three to five minutes a watering. Keep the soil constantly moist for the seeds.

Plant Amaryllis

Clear the weeds and debris from a planting location in full sun with good-draining soil. The best soil for amaryllis plants contains sand. Break up large clumps of dirt. Spread 3 to 4 inches of peat moss or compost over the loosened soil. Fill the holes with soil and firm it around the bulbs. Leave the necks of the amaryllis bulbs about 1/2-inch above the soil surface. Keep the area moist until the plants begin to show new growth.


Plant Amaryllis belladonna seeds in the spring while the seeds are fresh. The seeds should be soft and pink.

Amaryllis belladonna planted from seed can take between six to nine years to flower. Be patient with it.


Amaryllis belladonna is poisonous if ingested.

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