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How to Prune Heuchera

Some gardeners know heuchera flowers as coral bells or alumroot. Whatever you call these beautiful flowers, they are easy to grow and add beauty and color to both shady and sunny growing areas. When you grow heuchera as a border plant or a ground cover, over time they will grow a woody crown that makes the plants appear overgrown and leggy. This is your cue to dig up the heuchera flowers and prune them to restore them to their former health.

Clip off the blooms of the heuchera when they fade by snipping just under the blossoms. This will help keep the plant attractive and healthy and will extend the blooming period. Also consider clipping blooms at their peak for cut floral arrangements.

Perform more extensive pruning in the spring or in the autumn. Dig up the entire plant, being careful not to damage the root system as you remove it from the soil.

Examine the roots; remove and discard any parts of the roots that appear broken or damaged. Break apart the roots carefully into smaller sections, if desired.

Trim away wilted leaves and stems.

Cut back the woody, leggy portions of the crown that are overgrown and unsightly. Leave approximately 3 inches of stem extending from the crown of the plant.

Plant these removed sections directly into the soil several inches. They will root easily without taking any special steps. Keep them moist while the roots are establishing. These newly divided heuchera plants may take a year to bloom.

Replace the heuchera plant back into the original hole and cover with soil. Plant any smaller root sections that you made at the same depth as the original heuchera plant. Water generously.

Place several inches of mulch over the heuchera plants to protect the roots and help to delay the need to perform the extensive pruning and dividing.

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