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How to Grow Roses in a Cottage Garden

By Sharon Sweeny ; Updated September 21, 2017

Roses are one of the perennials traditionally planted in cottage gardens. This is not the type of garden in which to grow fussy hybrid-tea roses; save them for a traditional rose garden. Cottage gardens are filled with plants that don’t require constant attention.

Choose fragrant, old-fashioned varieties such as Damask or cabbage roses. You should also include shrub roses and at least one climbing variety.

Train climbing varieties to scramble up trellises or unusual support structures. Create an outdoor alcove by planting a rose on an arbor with a garden bench beneath it.

Grow at least three bushes of each rose variety in your cottage garden. This mass-planting technique will make each variety more prominent than a single rose bush planted by itself.

Plant roses closer to each other and other types of flowers in a cottage garden than you would in a traditional rose garden or perennial border. One of the hallmarks of cottage gardens is that the plants are spaced so close together that no soil is visible.

Grow all of your favorite colors of roses. Cottage gardens are a hodgepodge of color, form and texture. For the best effect, do not adhere to a strict color scheme. Grow many colors of all types of flowers, including roses.


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