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How to Plant Maiden Grass

Maiden grass is an ornamental grass that can grow as tall as 6 feet high and spread to be 4 feet wide at the top. It is a fast-growing plant and an easy one to get started. Choosing the right spot, digging an appropriate-sized hole and taking precautions when back-filling will lead to a successful plant that will thrive all season.

Choose a place to plant your maiden grass. Maiden grass should be planted in a spot that receives full sunlight all day. It should also be planted where the ground has enough drainage to avoid any sitting water on or around the maiden grass.

Choose the right time to plant. Maiden grass should be planted in the early spring, as soon as possible after the ground stops freezing. Planting maiden grass any earlier will kill it, but you want to give the maiden grass plenty of time to take root and begin growing before the most intense heat of the summer reaches your area.

Dig a hole roughly three times as big as the root clump at the base of the maiden grass. The hole should also be 2 inches deeper than the root clump, allowing for space to adjust the plant after you place it in the hole.

Spread the roots gently by hand to allow them to grow off in their own directions. When the maiden grass is purchased, the roots will have a tendency to clump together. Spreading the roots will ensure your grass will get the maximum amount of nutrients it needs.

Place your maiden grass in the hole. Make sure the maiden grass is straight from all angles and then begin to put soil back in the hole. Break up the soil thoroughly and pat it down with force to prevent air pockets. Run lots of water over the soil to help it settle and get your maiden grass on its way to growing.

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