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How to Plant Liatris Bulbs

By Melissa Lewis ; Updated September 21, 2017

Liatris--commonly called blazing star--is a large blooming plant that can reach two to three feet high. The tall liatris flowers are used frequently as cut flowers in floral arrangements. Liatruises have root structures that are often referred to as bulbs, but in fact, they are not true bulbs--they are corms. Plant your liatris bulbs (corms), from mid-spring until summer in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9.

Choose a planting site that is in full sun. The soil should be on the dry side and should not hold water after hard rains. If you notice that a puddle remains on top of the planting site after a few hours of a good rain, till in a few inches of sand to the top 12 inches of your soil bed.

Plant the liatris bulbs with the roots pointing down. Look carefully for small fleshy roots so you plant the bulbs the correct way. Liatrises should be planted about 2 inches below the soil.

Backfill the soil, water it and tamp it down to avoid any air pockets. Do not mulch over the site since liatrises prefer dry soil and mulch is used to help retain water.

Space multiple liatrises about 1-2 feet apart, which is common in most gardens. However, farmers who grow liatrises for cut flower sales, plant about four to six liatris corms per square foot.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden rake
  • Sand
  • Trowel


  • Plant only a portion of your liatrises at a time and repeat every couple of weeks from mid-spring until summer. This way, you can enjoy the blooms for a longer period of time.

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