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Why Do Venus Flytraps Turn Black After They Eat?

A cultivated Venus flytrap may turn black after eating because of stress on the plant, especially if it's not getting enough sunlight. Wild plants don't have this issue.

Grow And Care For A Venus Flytrap

Venus flytraps look like they could be from another world, but this carnivorous plant is right at home on your windowsill or porch. Your Venus flytrap plant looks like a tough alien creature, but it's a delicate plant that spends most of its energy catching and digesting food. This will kill your plant. Venus flytraps can take up to a week to eat before reopening. it’s in the middle of dinner! Indoor plants will need to be watered. Don't use potting soil or compost for your Venus flytrap. Sphagnum peat moss and horticultural sand mimic the plant’s native acidic soil. While the plant can go one to two months without eating, indoor plants that aren't exposed to bugs will have to be fed every few weeks or so. Terrariums make this easy.

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