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How to Take Care of a Sorrento Lemon Tree

The Sorrento lemon tree is a well known variety that comes out of Italy with lemons that are typically a good size and have a nice juicy center and strong fragrance. Even though the tree produces lemons all year, the best fruits for flavor are grown in the spring months. To get the most from your homegrown Sorrento lemon tree, follow these steps.

Plant the lemon tree in direct sunlight, or if it's kept in a pot move the tree into full sun during the day. This tree does its best with lots of light.

Plant in soil dirt that drains well. You don't want the roots to sit in water. In Italy, they typically plant Sorrentos on terraces or step-down areas so the water drains from level to level. The earth there is slightly rocky which helps keep the water from sitting. If you plan to grow your Sorrento tree in a pot,make sure it has a loose soil with some small rocks mixed in to help drain the water.

Shield the foliage from extreme cold. The fruit flowers can be damaged by frost and extremely cold weather. If the tree is in a pot, bring the tree in during cold nights, or if it is planted outside, cover the tree with plastic to shield it from the harsh elements. Covering the foliage also helps slow the ripening process, which helps near spring when you want the fruit to develop at the right time so that they will have the most flavor.

Water the lemon tree about once a week when it is first planted, then switch to every couple of weeks after a few months. Keep the soil only slightly damp to dry and do not add anything to the soil that would hold moisture too close to the tree. If mulch is needed, keep it away from the base of the tree so that it doesn't absorb and retain water.

Give the tree added nutrients every few months especially if it is in a pot.

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