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What Is the Scientific Name for a Palm Tree?

Generally, palms are called Arecaceae, Palmae or Palmaceae. More specific scientific names are descriptive. They denote the location the palm was found, the type of palm or a prominent feature.

Palm Tree To Fall?

Although many palm species grow in hurricane zones, if roots are weakened due to disease or improper planting, it will not take a hurricane-force wind to cause the tree to topple over. Tall palms or those with shallow roots should be provided with supports to prevent toppling during windy conditions. The pseudobark appears healthy, as do the leaves, but this small amount of healthy tissue is not enough to support the weight of the trunk. The upper portion of tall palm trees can weigh several tons. There is currently no fungicide treatment available to prevent or treat sudden crown drop, and an infected tree cannot be saved. Borer infestations cause fronds to turn yellow and can lead to plant death. Because the tunnels weaken your palm tree, a strong wind can cause limbs or even entire portions of the trunk to fall over. Palm tree roots that are planted too shallow may grow above soil level and do not have a stable base to support the weight of the tree.

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