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How to Install Zoysia Sod


Keep the zoysia sod watered deeply to help the roots become established. Do not allow it to dry out.

Zoysia grasses are popular for home lawns as well as for commercial plantings and golf courses. Zoysia is a tough grass that is easy to maintain. Although it is a physically demanding job, the quickest way to achieve a luxuriously thick and green zoysia lawn is to install it as sod.

Preparation for Zoysia Sod

Remove existing grass and weeds by using a sod cutter. Alternatively, you can spray the entire area with a general purpose, non-selective herbicide to kill off competing vegetation. This should be done about a week before you plan to lay the sod.

Prepare the bare soil further by removing grass or root clumps, stones and any other debris. The goal is to have a smooth, level area of bare soil so there is complete contact between the zoysia sod roots and the soil surface.

Rake the area smooth. Use a water-filled lawn roller and locate low spots. Fill the low spots in and roll them to compact the soil and create a smooth surface.

Apply fertilizer, if necessary.

Water the entire bare soil area the evening before you will lay the sod. You want the soil to still be moist when it comes in contact with the zoysia sod roots the following morning.

Lay the Zoysia Sod

Begin laying the sod as early in the morning as possible. Start along the longest straight edge of the lawn area and unroll sections of sod, placing them end to end as tightly as possible. Try not to leave any gaps where ends join.

Place the second row of zoysia sod tightly against the first. Stagger the location of the ends of the sections so they are not in line with the ends on the first row. Keep this offset pattern as you continue to unroll the rest of the sod. Every seam between ends and rows should be as tight as possible.

Use a small hatchet to trim pieces of sod to fit around obstructions and landscaping details.

Roll the entire zoysia sod lawn when it has all been placed.

Provide one inch of water immediately after installing the sod.

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