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How to Grow Peach Trees in Containers

Nothing tastes sweeter on a summer day than a juicy peach fresh from the tree. If you don’t have space in your garden for fruit trees, peaches do beautifully in containers. Because peaches love warmth, trees planted in containers can easily be moved to the sunniest location, and can be moved indoors to protect them from freezes during the winter months. Peach trees planted in containers require a little more care than those planted in the ground, but they are well worth the extra effort.

Purchase a peach tree at a greenhouse or nursery. Be sure to select a dwarf peach tree because standard-size fruit trees are too large to grow well in pots.

Decide what type of pot will be best for the peach tree. Any type of pot will do as long as it has good drainage in the bottom and is a minimum of 15 inches in diameter. Consider placing the pot on a plant trolley to make it easier to move. When the pot is full, it will be very heavy.

Put a screen over the drainage holes to keep the potting soil from clogging the holes. Spread one to two inches of pebbles or gravel in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage.

Remove the peach tree from its container and gently loosen the roots. Fill the container half full with a quality commercial potting soil. Place the peach tree in the container, spreading the roots so they will grow outward. Finish adding potting soil until the soil is at least two inches from the top of the pot.

Put the peach tree in a sunny spot. Water the tree deeply, then let the soil dry out before the next watering. During warm or windy days the tree will need more frequent watering.

Feed the peach tree every six weeks during the spring and summer with a fertilizer formulated for fruit trees. Withhold fertilizer during the fall and winter months.

Prune the tips of the fruit tree as needed to maintain the desired size and shape. Dwarf peach trees are compact and will require very little pruning. Repot the peach tree in a larger pot at least every other year.

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