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Information on Peach Trees

By Stephanie Green ; Updated September 21, 2017
Peaches are available in a number of varieties.
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Peach trees are available in freestone and clingstone cultivars. There are many varieties grown throughout the United States, but the best known are those grown in the southern states.

Bloom Time

Peach trees flower in early spring. Encourage good growth and reduce the chance of rot and infection by thinning the fruit crop.

Common Problems

Bacterial leaf spot and brown rot are two common problems that affect peach trees. Some peach trees are plagued by shot hole, a fungal disease, or the fruit pest plum curculio.

Red Haven Peach

The red haven peach is the ideal variety to grown in a home garden. It requires well-drained soil and regular fertilizing. The red haven peach tree also needs heavy pruning.

Elberta Peach

The elberta peach is a yellow-gold freestone cultivar. It has been grown in Georgia since the late 1800s and remains one of the most well-known peaches today.


Grown in the upper midwest, the fruit of a reliance peach tree is a poplar choice for baking. The yellow-fleshed fruit has a dark red skin and grows in a medium to large size.



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