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Facts on the Blue Bell Flower

Blue Bell Flower, or Campanula rotundifolia, is a member of the Campanulaceae, or bellflower family. It is native to the United States, and can also be known as the Bluebell of Scotland or the Harebell.


Blue Bell is a perennial flower. It can reach four to 15 inches and has bluish violet flowers that are in clusters and shaped like a bell. Leaves tend to wither and have just stems remaining.


Campanula rotundifolia can live in all types of light, from full sun to full shade. They prefer dry soils that are well drained. Expect flowers to last a long time.


Blue bell flowers will attract hummingbirds to the garden. They are a fine choice for those interesting in hummingbird gardens.


Sow seeds inside, and water from the bottom. Do not cover the seeds, and place where you have good lighting. While seeds germinate fast, plants will not flower the first year. Alternatively, root stem cuttings in a damp sand mix.

Fun Fact

Flowers were called Harebell by witches, who were believed to be able to transform into hares. Scottish people also call this “Witches Thimble” in nod to this association with witches.

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