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Basic Shapes of Garden Design

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Basic garden design technique involves making a lawn and garden come together for a specific purpose. For example, a lawn and garden with a long rectangular shape is great for recreational activities, while a free flowing lawn and garden is great for creating garden rooms and sanctuaries. A lawn that is circular surrounded by gardens is nice for entertaining or you might have a garden and lawn area that incorporates all the basic design shapes and features.

Formal Rectangular Lawn

For recreation, a formal rectangular lawn is best. A large open place for kids and pets to run will prevent landscape plants from getting destroyed. The formal rectangular lawn can be surrounded by taller plants and fences that add privacy. Items such as swing sets can be placed in a rectangular lawn and can be viewed from the house.

Round Formal Lawn

A round lawn surrounded by gardens is great for entertaining. It is linked to the house and gated areas, deck or patio by a formal walkway. Surrounding gardens create privacy.

Free Flowing Lawn and Garden

A free flowing lawn and garden that creates garden rooms and sanctuaries within the garden appeals to the more adventurous type. Garden furniture, lattice or rock features can be incorporated into the design for added interest.

Flower Bed Shapes and Sizes

Flower bed sizes and shapes are an important consideration when designing a basic garden. Width is an important factor because if a bed is wider than two feet and only accessible from one side, then you will have to enter the bed for maintenance. A flowing border is more attractive than a bed with sharp angles.

Plant Shapes and Sizes

Shrubs and trees can be used to accent certain basic garden designs. For example, evergreens with pyramidal designs give a more formal look and spreading ground covers can be used to soften slopes and terraces.

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