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The Best Time of Year to Trim Pine Trees

The best time of year to prune pine trees is in late spring or early summer when the needles are just showing some new growth. However, the best time for removing a few lower branches is in late winter when less sap flows through the tree.

Time Of Year To Trim Pine Trees

As coniferous evergreens, pine trees (Pinus spp.) require very little pruning. It also prepares them for the growing season, as trimming inspires new growths that are healthiest in warm weather and make the trees more robust in appearance. Severe pruning during the growing season is dangerous for pine trees. To make sure a branch is dead, scrape the outer bark with a knife; if it's dry underneath, the tree branch is dead and needs removal. Though you should undertake pruning diseased branches as soon as possible, it's smartest to wait for dry weather, as wet weather can increase the odds of spreading disease spores on pruning tools from one part of a pine tree to another.

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