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Meaning of Mixed Pink and Red Roses

By Gwen Bruno ; Updated September 21, 2017
Roses--and their color--send a message.
"Pink Rose in the Evening Light" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: Athena's Pix (Athena Flickr) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Sending a mixture of pink and red roses, as opposed to roses of a single color, sets you apart as a person with some imagination. You can use the “language of flowers” to give voice to the feelings of your heart.

Pink and Red Together

Red roses mean love, and pink means romance, so together they speak of a romantic partnership.

Youthful Passion

Pink and red roses say, “I think you are young and beautiful.” Since they signify youthful passion, they are appropriate for a young couple or a couple with a young attitude.

Freshness of Love

Pink and red sends a message about the freshness of love--and they can be appropriate for lovers of any age who feel as passionately as ever.

Dark Pink and Red

Dark pink roses are a sweet message saying, “I appreciate you,” making a mixture of dark pink and red appropriate as an anniversary message about romance still being alive in a long partnership.

Light Pink and Red

Light pink roses convey friendship. A mixture of red and light pink roses say, "I love you and you are my best friend."


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