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How to Make Grass Seed Grow Fast

Many people wish to have their lawn lush, green and healthy. This can be difficult for a number of reasons, especially if you planted the grass seeds yourself. Whether you are patching up some bald spots on your lawn or laying seed on your entire property, you cannot rush nature -- that said, these key tips will help you make your grass seed grow faster.

Keep in mind that it is best to plant grass seed in the beginning of spring or fall for most ideal weather conditions. Since grass seeds need to be in direct contact with the soil in order to germinate, it is important to till up the soil to make it loose. Use a till thoroughly over the soil, or a strong rake, to loosen up the top one inch of the soil.

Spread a layer of potting soil over the area you are seeding if it is small portion of your lawn. If it is the entire lawn, spread a thin layer of loam. Next, spread a layer of the grass seed. It is ideal to get climate-appropriate grass seed for your area, or fast-growing grass seed (both are available at your local garden center). After this, spread another thin layer of mulch to protect from birds and to retain moisture.

Use a starter fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen but high in phosphorous or potassium. This will help promote root growth and fast, lush growth of the grass blades. Follow the directions on the package since the process depends on the type of grass seed, your climate and the type of fertilizer.

Water the grass seed deeply for about 20 minutes. Following the day you plant it, water the grass seed each morning for about 20 minutes for a period of two weeks. If you live in a very dry climate, water in the evening as well. After two weeks, water twice a week for four weeks. Once the grass is about two inches tall, reduce to watering deeply for 20 minutes once a week.

Restrict all activity or traffic on the grass seed. Constant walking or pressure on the lawn will stunt the grass seed's growth. Make the lawn off-limits for six to eight weeks by placing up a fence or a sign.

Make your lawn grow more quickly by using the hydroseed procedure. This is a mixture of water, fertilizer, grass seed, wood fiber and tackifier (glue) that you apply to the lawn with a high-pressure hose. The mixture dries and creates a crust over the ground, protecting the growing seed from erosion or being picked at by birds. This option is more expensive than the regular seeding method and costs about 12 cents per square foot. On the other hand, it produces a beautiful lawn within three weeks.

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