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How to Prune Veronica


Keep gardening shears sharp. Using dull shears will rip and damage the plant.

Named after Saint Veronica and also known as speedwell, Veronica is an easy-to-grow flower available as annuals, perennials and sub-shrubs. The low-growing variety, with spires of flowers of light blue flowers, grows upwards to 18 inches tall. Persian, birdseye and winter speedwell is considered a weed. Veronica is evergreen when grown in the South. Like many flowers, pruning and pinching Veronica helps the plant stay healthy and encourages further blooming.

Prune taller varieties of Veronica in mid-June. Use sharp gardening shears to cut 6 inches off the mature plant from the first to the middle of June.

Cut the perennial Veronica that grows low to the ground in mounds. After the flower blooms a second time, cut it back to the foliage growing near the ground. Shear low-growing types back to foliage growing on soil after the second flush of bloom.

Pinch the faded flowers on all varieties of Veronica, during the blooming season. Pinching encourages reblooming. The University of Minnesota recommends using only fingertips for pinching the part of the stem below the blossom and above the node or where the point on the stem where the leaf is inserted.

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