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How to Prune Eucalyptus Trees


You may remove all of the eucalyptus tree's leaves while pruning, if desired.


Do not top off your eucalyptus tree, as that can cause the top to be weaker than the bottom. Do not cut off the lower branches of your eucalyptus tree, as that will make the tree top-heavy.

Eucalyptus trees are planted all over the world, although they are native to Australia. They are not exactly cold-hardy, only surviving in USDA zones six through 11. Eucalyptus trees are a lovely yard tree, with their tall trunks and mass of silvery leaves that make a statement wherever they are planted. Pruning a eucalyptus tree is easy, as they only need to be pruned while they are between two and six years old. If you know how to prune a eucalyptus tree properly, you will be able to take care of it for years to come.

Prune eucalyptus trees in the summer. Pruning in the spring and fall is too cool for the eucalyptus trees.

Prune eucalyptus trees every year while the tree is between ages of two and six. Eucalyptus trees older than six years do not need to be pruned except to remove dead or damaged foliage. Pruning an older eucalyptus tree may cause its structure to weaken. Pruning while young should improve the structure of the eucalyptus tree so it can be left alone to grow.

Remove all dead or damaged branches at the base of the eucalyptus tree.

Cut back any overreaching branches on the eucalyptus tree. Cut them back to within the reach of other branches. If the branch splits in two making a 'y,' cut right before the branch splits.

Prune off any water sprouts at the base of the eucalyptus tree. Do not remove more than 20 to 30 percent of the growth on your eucalyptus trees each time you prune it.

Brush pruning seal over all the cuts you make on your eucalyptus tree. This prevents the branch from getting infected, but it also encourages sprouts to grow out of the side of the branch. Prune these each year until the tree is mature enough to need little pruning.

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