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How to Design a Backyard Serenity Garden

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Keep things simple and be creative when designing your garden. There is no right or wrong way when creating your garden.

Building a serenity garden can help to create a relaxing and peaceful retreat to go to after a long day of work. Spending time in your garden will help you reconnect to nature while creating a beautiful focal point to your yard. Adding in the four elements--air, water and earth--creates a calming balance to the space. Using plants and flowers will enhance the tranquil feeling of your new serenity garden.

Decide where you'll place your serenity garden in your backyard space. Think about the types of plants you'll grow in your garden. Consider the amount of sun and shade the space receives.

Clear out the space of weeds and other debris and choose a relaxing shape to your garden. Circles are fluid and peaceful, which is ideal in a serenity garden.

Use a shovel to break up the ground and turf. Dig down 2 to 4 inches and turn over the soil. Prepping the space will allow a quick transition for your plants. Rake over the soil for a smooth and level surface.

Choose plants and flowers that are suitable for the space and create a sense of relaxation and beauty. Lush greens ferns and dwarf hibiscus will bring in color while keeping the space open. For a dramatic backdrop to your serenity garden plant an ornamental red banana tree in the back of the space.

Place the plants and flowers in your garden so the space feels open while creating a home for each plant. Use tall plants in the back of the garden with smaller plants placed around or in front. The placement is up to you and can be designed to how you feel is right and where it creates a calming and inviting space.

Add a water feature in the space for soothing sounds of water cascading in your garden. Use a self-contained terracotta water feature, which is made from a terracotta pot, perfect for for small spaces. Add aquatic plants to the container and to complement other plants in your serenity garden.

Lay a 1- or 2-inch layer of soft pebbles or stones around the plants and garden space. Smooth stones are essential to bare feet. Add another layer of larger stones on top for a pathway around your garden. Slate or flagstone, both smooth and beautiful, would work nicely as your path.

Install a place to sit in your serenity garden to enjoy your peaceful surroundings. A bench or comfortable chairs can be situated around the space without detracting from the surroundings. Wood is natural and will blend in nicely with the garden. Place the bench in a corner so you can admire the entire garden and water feature. Place pillows on your bench to make it perfect for a relaxing afternoon nap.

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