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Tips for Supporting Grape Vines

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

A stable support system is essential when growing grape vines. Using structures such as an arbor or trellis allows the fruit to grow and spread, while creating a visually appealing design. Because grape vines can be heavy with fruit, a sturdy support is necessary to withstand the pressure and weight of the vines. Over time, the vines will grow over the structure and create a long-lasting, beautiful addition to your landscape.

Arbors & Pergolas

Large structures such as arbors and pergolas can support growing grape vines while creating a focal point in your garden and landscape. Typically arbors are made from weatherproof wood and have four posts with an open roof, which is often used to grow grape vines around the and over the pergola.

Over time, the pergola is enveloped by the vines, creating a shady tunnel to use for dining or enjoying with friends and family. New grape vines will have to be trained to grow over the trellis and can be guided using wire ties to help support the young tendril. String or pantyhose can also be used to wrap around the young vine for extra support.

Wall trellis

A wall trellis can support grape vines while creating a dramatic backdrop to a garden or backyard area. Installing a trellis is simple and can be done in a few hours. Always secure the trellis into the ground for added support using wire. The grape vines can be grown in a container and placed at the base of the trellis or planted directly into the ground.

A trellis has small openings throughout the structure where the grape vines can weave in and out, all the while growing upward towards the sun. Make sure you place the trellis in a sunny spot, which is the ideal growing light for grape vines. For more than two or three vines, install two to four trellises. They can be placed side-by-side or back-to-back for a creative design in your garden.


Many types of fences can be utilized as a surface to grow grape vines. Privacy fences, which are usually high in height, can become a growing surface to grow your grape vines. Secure them into the ground using wood stakes.

Place a stake every 2-3 feet to help support the grape vines. Once the vine has grown around the fence, you have the option of removing the stake.



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