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How to Store Peppers

Once you have harvested ripe peppers from your vegetable garden, you must clean them and make sure that you store them appropriately. Even though there are many varieties of hot peppers and bell peppers, they should all be stored for freshness the same way. It’s important to keep your peppers stored well so that they don’t dry up or get wrinkly. The best stored peppers will be glossy and fairly bright in color. Also, if you don’t store your peppers at cool enough temperatures, they will be mushy and hard to peel.

Harvest your peppers once they are ripe and place them in a small strainer. Place the strainer of peppers under cool running water and rinse thoroughly. Make sure to always pick your pepper before frost can occur.

Place the peppers in a large plastic zipper bag. Cut at least 12 holes that are a quarter inches in diameter all around the plastic bag using scissors. Make sure that the peppers are sorted in the bag so that they won’t poke out of any of the holes.

Store the peppers in a refrigerator where you can keep the temperature between 45 and 50 degrees. The peppers could go bad quickly if the temperature is ever below 45 degrees.

Keep refrigerated peppers stored no longer than five days. Some peppers might last longer, but it’s best to use them while they are particularly fresh.

To store your peppers longer, place your peppers in a pot of boiling water after you’ve washed them. Let them boil for no more than 5 minutes. Take the pepper out and let them cool for 1 minute. Wrap them securely in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn and place the wrapped pepper in your freezer to store for up to 30 days.

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