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Meaning of Coral Roses

By Gwen Bruno ; Updated September 21, 2017

The message of the coral rose is a step down from the red rose’s message of “I love you.” The coral rose could be called the rose of flirting, since it symbolizes interest in someone without necessarily a commitment.

Coral for Flirting

Coral roses are not as intense as red roses, so they don't indicate the same intensity of feeling. They are a way to say, "You've got my attention."

Coral Means Desire

Coral roses can also indicate desire and passion. In some ways, they are just as romantic as red roses.

Coral for First Dates

Coral roses are a wonderful gift for a first date, since they express enthusiasm without going overboard.

Coral for "More than Friends"

Send coral roses to kick things up a notch. The coral rose is literally a mix of red and yellow, so its meaning rests between "I love you" and "you are my friend."

Other Meanings of Coral

Coral or orange roses are eye-catching and cheerful and can also tell someone "I'm proud of you," "good luck" or "good job."



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