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How to Plant Broccolini

Broccolini often is referred to as baby broccoli. The vegetable resembles broccoli and tastes a lot like asparagus. The broccolini shoots are long and tender, and are much more delicate than regular broccoli. There is a more robust flavor with broccolini. It can be eaten raw and is high in Vitamins C and A, potassium, iron, and fiber. Grow broccolini much the same way that you would broccoli.

Test the soil and make sure the pH levels are between 6.0 and 7.0. If the soil levels are higher, add a little lime. If the soil pH is lower, add a little nitrogen compost or manure compost. Use approximately 60 pounds of manure per acre of land approximately two weeks before planting season You also can mix 2 tbsp to a gallon of water. Each plant should get approximately one pint of water at planting.

Plant your seedlings in early spring or early fall, depending on when you want the harvest. Broccolini prefers cooler soil and air temperatures and cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. Broccolini plants should be planted approximately 12 inches apart and spaced two feet apart between each row. Broccolini will spread and need lots of room to grow.

Apply organic mulch on top of the plants. This will help keep in moisture, help to prevent weeds and help to keep the plants cool. Broccolini needs a lot of water to grow. Apply one to two inches of water per week. The mulch will prevent the soil from drying out between watering.

Harvest the broccolini plants when the heads begin to form and the leaves are still a brilliant dark green. Broccolini usually is harvested 60 to 90 days after planting. Do not wait until the leaves have begun to yellow. If the leaves are yellow, the heads of the broccolini will begin to get droopy. If there are still green leaves on the plant, leave them but cut the broccolini heads. If you leave a few of the green leaves the plant will produce more vegetables .

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