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Meaning of Pink Flowers

By Alice Moon ; Updated September 21, 2017

The color pink is highly favored by young girls, and many of the symbolic meanings it conveys are related to the theme of innocence and purity. Pink is also a mild version of red, expressing many of the same feelings of love and passion, but in a gentle, more chaste manner. The meaning of pink flowers is often centered around love and female aspects, the good and soft, the innocent, yet they can also hold deeper, darker opposite meanings.

Bouquet of Secrets

Pink roses are considered the ultimate symbol of femininity, signifying grace and refinement. Roses themselves represent beauty and love. Carnations say you will be remembered and also stand for a mother's undying love (from Biblical history). They are the symbol of Mother's Day.

Daisies tell of an innocent, loyal love, purity, simplicity or a promise of secrecy. Camellias in pink mean longing or excellence. Primrose are a sign that the sender cannot live without you.

Flower choice itself carries a message, outside of the color. Sweetpeas have many delicate shades, pink included. They signify shyness, bliss, a separation and appreciation for time spent together. Peonies come in soft pink, and the flower can signal healing, happiness in life and marriage or darker feelings of shame. A pink nasturtium may convey conquest or victory, as in battle, such as a battle for love. For caring, choose a pink tulip.

The pink of a larkspur expresses a fickle emotion. Pink hyacinth communicates sincerity and playfulness. Gladiolus also means sincerity while a geranium intends comfort and gentility or stupidity and folly. The pink of cherry blossoms translate into hope for a good education, remind the recipient of the transience of life and stand for feminine beauty.

Pink roses communicate perfect happiness, a plea to believe in the sender or a grateful thank you. They signify joy and beginnings. In the negative, they have a tradition from the Romans of meaning pain or suffering, even death. They may also speak of indecision.

Sent as buds, they transmit youth, innocent or virgin love--the petals, sympathy. The number of roses in a bouquet can also hold a secret code. Mixing colors can send a more complex message. A single rose means "I love you." A rose bud with no thorns but leaves intact means hope. A rose over two buds is a portrait of secrecy.

In some flowers, particularly in roses, the shade will change your message. Darker pinks mean gratitude. Pale pink communicates happiness, gentleness or admiration, or passion--the energy of youth.