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Information on Fire King Crocosmia

By Melody Lee ; Updated September 21, 2017

Fire King Crocosmia has brilliant red flowers from early to mid-summer. It is a variety developed from native croscosmias of South Africa. Crocosmias are also known as Montbretias.


Fire King Crocosmia has dark green, lance-shaped leaves about 2 feet tall. The tubular flowers change from orange to bright red. A single plant may have 8 to 10 stems that produce dozens of flowers. The weight of the flowers often causes the stems to droop, so the plant may need staking.


Fire King Crocosmias grow from bulb-like corms. They should be planted 5 inches deep, 4 to 6 inches apart, in full sun to light shade in moist soil. They grow in Zones 4 to 9, but may need to lifted and stored in northern parts of the United States.


Fire King Crocosmias can be planted in perennial beds or in masses. They can also be grown in containers.


Fire King Crocosmias have a long bloom period--as long as four weeks, and cut flowers are long-lasting as well. Dried flowers smell like saffron and can be used in potpourri.


Fire King Crocosmias are spread by underground stolons that form new corms. They may be invasive, especially in mild damp areas.


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