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Easy Ways to Water Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are attractive additions to your home’s exterior arches or a porch frame. They also augment the color scheme of your landscape by providing flower displays in a variety of colors and sizes. There are a number of easy ways to water hanging plants that keep them healthy and looking beautiful, even as the outdoor temperatures heat up.

Combine Watering with Feeding

The soil in a hanging plant basket dries out a lot quicker than the soil in your flower bed. You might need to water your hanging plants daily, and during especially hot or windy days perhaps as often as twice a day. Ensure your hanging plants’ health by adding fertilizer to your watering can every 14 days. Combining the tasks of fertilizing and watering makes the care of your hanging plant baskets a lot easier.

Install a Watering Funnel

A watering funnel is little more than a reservoir made from a porous material that allows water to gradually seep into the surrounding soil. If you are setting up a new hanging basket, place a watering funnel into the middle of the hanging planter with only the opening emerging from the soil and arrange plants around it. If you insert a funnel into an already established hanging planter, do so carefully to minimize root damage . This watering method reaches the roots and keeps the soil hydrated.

Use Ice Cubes

It is easy to waste water when taking care of your hanging plants. If you use a watering can with a wide spout, you most likely water the patio area underneath the plant. If you have allowed the soil to dry out or compact, water will run off until the soil is once again properly hydrated. Counteract this water waste problem by watering your hanging plants with ice cubes. Place ice cubes into the hanging planter whenever it is time to water, and as the ice slowly melts, the soil absorbs the water. This prevents over-watering, water waste and runoff.

Soak Hanging Plants

If you forgot to water your hanging plants for a couple of days, do not use a hose attached watering wand or watering can. The soil will not be able to hold on to the water and it will simply run through the cracks in the dirt and out of the holes in the bottom of the hanging basket. Instead, take down the hanging basket and place it into a bucket that you previously partially filled with lukewarm water. Allow the plant to soak for 15 to 30 minutes, or until the soil is re-hydrated. Remove the hanging planter from the basket and carefully hang it back up. Then return to your regular watering schedule.

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