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The Best Plants for the Desert

By Lisa Russell ; Updated September 21, 2017

Even in the desert, a wide variety of plants can thrive. Whether you choose wildflowers, cacti, succulents or an artful combination of the three, it's important to understand how plants thrive in the desert and what the best plants for the desert have in common. A xeric garden landscape can make a remarkable impression, with rugged plants that possess their own brand of beauty.

Best Wildflowers for the Desert

Desert wildflowers adapt by opening in the cool of the night, or by having sparse, waxy leaves. the California poppy, desert lily, Mojave aster, Arizona poppy, desert marigold, chia, cave primrose, Spanish needles, western wallflower, wooly daisy, devil's claw, moon flower, sand verbena, desert chicory, dogbane, Apache plume and popcorn flower are all native to desert regions and do well in arid areas. Depending upon the winter temperatures, these wildflowers may be annual or perennial. Desert flowers are notoriously prolific reseeders.

Best Cactus to Plant in the Desert

Some cactus plants take a long time to grow, or are difficult to establish. Barrel cactus, saguaro, prickly pear and hedgehog are easy to grow, once they're established, as are the agave cacti--octopus agave, holly agave, huachuca agave and twin-flowered agave. the native cacti in your area will also thrive. Consider using native plants wherever possible. It's the placement and grooming of a native plant garden that sets it apart from the vacant lot.

Best Trees for the Desert

Drought-resistant shrubs and trees that grow in the desert provide shade and create nesting areas for migrating birds. Depending upon which desert you're in, acacia, juniper, cottonwood, smoke tree, ocotillo, palo verde tree, Mormon tea, ponderosa pine, desert willow, creosote bush, Joshua tree and the California fan palm are all known for tolerating arid conditions and extreme weather.


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