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How to Make Fly Repellent


Combine oils for increased effectiveness. When the fragrance from the tins begins to subside, add more oil. Several layers of felt can be used in place of the sponge in the tins.


Test lavender oil in diluted form before using on skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Always test before using around children, and do not use on babies or very young children. Essential oils can be hazardous. They are extremely concentrated and may irritate your skin or nasal passages. Although effective, pennyroyal is especially toxic and must be used with care. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children, and away from pets. Read labels and accompanying literature for any essential oils you buy.

Summer is fly season, and with the concerns over DEET and other toxic chemicals in commercial insect repellents, making your own safer repellent from natural ingredients makes sense. Essential oils and herbs are key ingredients in homemade repellents. Customize your formula to target the specific offender.

Note: Wherever mentioned, the dilution ratio is 1 part oil to 3 parts water.

General Fly Repellent

Gather small tin boxes with lids. Wash and dry them.

Cut a new, clean household sponge to fit snugly inside the tins. Put a piece of sponge in each tin.

Place your choice of essential oils on the sponges in the tins. Keep tightly closed until ready for use. Experiment with oils and combinations of oils to find what is most effective in your circumstances. If you plan to use your repellent tins on a patio table, use combinations of citronella and orange or lemon oils for a pleasant scent. Lavender or lavender with mint oils are also pleasing.

To use, simply open one or more tins and place nearby. Replenish oil as needed.

Other Repellent Methods

Place a few drops of essential oil of your choice in the puddle of melted wax in a burning candle. The scented oil will dissipate as the candle continues to burn. Add a few drops at a time to strengthen or prolong the effectiveness. Citronella and pennyroyal are particularly effective in candles.

Apply some lavender oil to exposed skin, especially warm pulse points of neck, wrists, and elbows to increase aroma from the oil. Lavender oil is the only essential oil that can be used full strength on your skin. Always dilute lavender oil, and test if you are unsure about skin sensitivity.

Mix essential oils in water in a spritzer bottle, and mist anyplace you want to repel flies. Use outdoors around trash cans. For areas where children will play, use lavender oil in a diluted spray on play equipment, around the swing set and sandbox. Spritz hats and clothing for extra protection.

Spritz or rub diluted oil directly on your skin, and spritz your clothing for the most effective repellent for biting flies.

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