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Growing Instructions for the Red Passion Flower

By Joyce Starr ; Updated September 21, 2017
Red passion flower bloom.

Red passion flower is a quick-growing, flowering plant that is easy to care for. Red passion flower vines grow well in a container or planted outside in Zones 9 and higher. Since it is a tropical plant, it is cold-sensitive, tolerating temperatures below 40 degrees F for only a short period of time. The beautiful, eye-catching flowers make the plant so popular. The vine produces spectacular blooms starting in winter that continue through springtime.

Select an area to plant the red passion flower vine that receives full sun to partial shade. The plant does best in a location that is shaded during the sunniest part of the day.

Choose an area where the red passion flower vine has a fence or trellis to climb up on, since it needs support for the limbs. Do not plant the vine near anything it can overtake by its aggressive growth pattern.

Plant the red passion flower vine in soil that drains well and has some organic matter added to it. Sandy soil is fine, but amend with peat or manure. Red passion flower does not tolerate an area prone to flooding.

Water the newly planted passion flower vine several times per week for the first couple of weeks. Keep the soil moist. Once established, water the vine once per week. If the foliage looks wilted, water the plant.

Fill a container with a well-draining organic-mixed potting medium if you want to grow the red passion flower vine in a container. Select a container that is three times bigger than the one housing the vine when you purchased it. Ensure the container has a drain hole in the bottom.

Fertilize the passion flower vine three times each year with a high-quality general-purpose fertilizer such as a 6-6-6. The red passion flower vine needs such a fertilizer high in potash to grow appropriately.

Prune red passion flower vine with pruning shears any time of year to keep it under control and shape it up. The vine can grow 30 to 50 feet within its first year and will likely need to be contained.


Things You Will Need

  • Manure or peat
  • Container (optional)
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears


  • Harvest the small, green, oblong fruits that are edible in the spring.

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