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The Best Places to Plant Lavender

By Lisa Russell ; Updated September 21, 2017

Lavender has been cultivated for centuries for its fragrant, purple flowers. It can be grown in a pot or in the ground, as long as there's enough sunshine and adequate soil drainage. Knowing the best places to plant lavender in your yard will get you one step closer to enjoying this timeless garden treasure.

Sunshine for Lavender

Choose a sunny location for lavender. Whether it's in a pot or in the ground, lavender should get about 8 hours of sunshine a day during the summer season, when it flowers.

The Best Soil for Lavender

Lavender grows best in an area where the soil drains well. Choose higher ground, mounds or a raised bed. Supplement the soil with sand, perlite or gravel to improve drainage.

Lavender Spacing

Lavender grows best when air is allowed to circulate around the plant. Depending upon the variety of lavender you choose, they may need to be planted up to 5 feet apart. If you're planting in rows, the space between individual plants need only be enough to accommodate the mature width of each plant, but the rows should be spaced enough to allow for 18 to 24 inches of airflow.

Potted Lavender

In some areas, potted lavender can die over the winter. Protect the root base from cold winter weather by bringing it indoors to a sunny window or by insulating the roots. One way to insulate the roots of a large potted plant, if it's too heavy to bring indoors, is to press three to four black lawn bags, filled with fall leaves, around the base of the pot. The warmth generated by the rotting leaves will keep the roots from freezing.


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