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List of Hawaiian Flowers

The state of Hawaii is well-known for its colorful flower leis. Hawaii is a lush, tropical state with a climate that is agreeable to growing beautiful flowers. Many of the gorgeous flowers that bloom in Hawaii have been imported into the state. Festivities in Hawaii typically include decorations made with the many flowers that grow there, adding to the beauty of the islands.


Orchids grow in a variety of species. This very adaptable flower can grow underground, in the lush undergrowth of tropical rain forests and up high in trees in jungles. Orchids have seed pods that contain thousands of tiny seeds dispersed by the wind. They like a lot of light but need partial shade and prefer to grow in warm locations, like the climate in Hawaii. Orchids should be fertilized about once a month with a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer. Read the directions on how much fertilizer to use based on your plant and cut the recommended amount in half. Fertilization should take the place of a scheduled watering.


The Awapuhi-melemele flower is imported from India and is commonly known as yellow ginger. This flower is the most commonly used flower in the Hawaiian lei. It is also used in decorative garlands and other decorations during luaus. The flower blooms in late summer and has very fragrant blossoms. It prefers moist soil and a lot of sunlight.


Bougainvillea is a flowering vine that is originally from South America. Bougainvillea loves a lot of water and full sunlight. The plants need full sun for at least five hours a day to have a lot of blooms. Bougainvillea can tolerate cooler temperatures but prefers temperatures that constantly remain more than 70 degrees. This is why bougainvillea loves the climate of Hawaii. The vine grows best when there is constant fertilization. A time-release fertilizer works well.

Cup of Gold

Cup of gold flowers originated in Mexico and were brought to Hawaii as a decorative vine. The vine can reach heights of 40 feet and grow 200 feet long. The flowers are large, yellow, cupped and have a slight fragrance with thick, leathery skin. Even though the flowers are beautiful, the vine can sometimes be a pest because it can take over a garden and choke out trees and other growth.

Marica Iris

The marica iris is one of the flowers originally from Hawaii. The plants grow to heights of 1 1/2 to 3 feet tall and the flowers are large and have a typical width of 3 to 4 inches. The flowers enjoy the tropical climate of Hawaii and need moist soil to survive.

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