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Meaning of a Blue Rose

By Kelly Shetsky ; Updated September 21, 2017

Roses are symbolic and are used to convey important messages. Red roses depict passion and true love while orange stands for desire and pink for joy and happiness. Blue roses, however, are not a color that you find regularly. In fact, those that exist are variations of lavender or purple roses that look purple in certain light.


Send a blue rose to someone to depict something unobtainable. Because the flower itself is rare in nature, it stands for something that is difficult to grasp.


Blue roses also mean a figment of the imagination, and they symbolize the impossible. The object is too difficult to achieve. The blue rose is revered and admired as an unrealizable dream.


A person who receives a blue rose is considered mysterious and the object of thought and speculation. Because the rose is a tantalizing vision that can't be completely pinned down, the person who receives one is also a mystery. She has a complex personality that is not easily interpreted.


Use a lighter shade of the blue rose, like lilac, to express the beginning of love. The color is associated with romance and the feeling of enchantment.


Blue roses are manufactured because they are not found in nature. Easier to find is the decadent Blue Moon hybrid tea rose.


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