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How To Care For a Meyer Lemon Tree


Allow plenty of light to come in through the branches of your Meyer lemon tree in order for the fruit to ripen better.


Beware of the thorns on Meyer lemon trees. They can be long and very sharp.

Root rot and greasy spot both can affect Meyer lemon trees. See resources for more information.

Meyer lemon trees came from China in 1908 and are named after Frank Meyer, the man who brought them to the United States. They are small lemon trees that reach a height of only about 12 feet and a spread about 15 feet. Meyer lemon trees are hardy from zones eight to 11, though they grow in cooler climates with some care to protect them from the cold. The lemons that Meyer lemon trees produce are less acidic than other lemon tree varieties.

Plant your Meyer lemon tree in full sun to partial shade. If you live in a cooler climate, plant it on the south side of your house to retain heat.

Test your soil's pH level. Meyer lemon trees like soil with a pH between six and eight. If your soil is too acidic, add lime and work into a depth of about four feet before planting.

Water your Meyer lemon tree regularly. Water once each week for 10 minutes each watering. If the weather is very hot and dry, water twice each week for 10 minutes each watering.

Fertilize your Meyer lemon tree in the summer with one cup of 10-10-10. Once the tree is three years old, fertilize with two cups of 10-10-10 every summer.

Prune your Meyer lemon tree in the spring or summer, when there is little-to-no fruit on it. Remove dead, damaged and over-reaching branches. Remove crossing branches as well. Trim the Meyer lemon so the bottom is larger than its top. Remove two feet of the bottom branches for easy maintenance. Space branches about six to eight inches apart.

Prepare your Meyer lemon tree for winter. Mulch the ground around the base of the tree. Wrap the tree in clear plastic to retain heat and protect it from frosty winds. Wrap the tree in blankets if the weather is at or below 40 degrees.

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