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How to Grow Coriander

By Katherine Kally ; Updated September 21, 2017
Coriander Plants

Coriander is an annual plant with fragrant leaves that may grow up to 2 feet high. The seeds from coriander plants are used as a spice and the leaves are the herb known a cilantro. Plan to sow your seeds where you intend to grow your plants because coriander does not grow well if transplanted. The best time to sow coriander seeds in your garden is in May when the soil temperatures are warm. You can also grow coriander in containers.

Locate a sunny spot in your garden to grow coriander. The soil should drain well and have good air flow without being windy. Remove rocks, weeds, roots and other debris from the planting area. Rake the soil so it has no clumps of any kind.

Plant a line of coriander seeds a half-inch deep and 1.5 inches apart. If you’re planting more than one row of coriander seeds, keep the rows 9 to 12 inches apart.

Cover the seeds with compost or a good organic potting soil. Water the seeds daily to keep the soil moist, but not soaking. Your coriander seeds will take about two weeks to germinate.

Thin out the coriander plants when the seedlings are 2 inches tall. Remove the weakest plants to create an 8-inch space between the plants. Continue to water the plants daily.

Fertilize the soil around the coriander plants with water-soluble fertilizer designed for herbs.

Harvest the cilantro leaves when the coriander plant is 4 inches tall. Harvesting the leaves will help the plant continue to grow.


Things You Will Need

  • Rake
  • Coriander seeds
  • Compost
  • Fertilizer


  • If the temperature in your area fluctuates, place a glass jar over the plants to protect them from bolting, or producing seed.
  • For indoor growing, sow your coriander seed in containers that are at least 6 inches deep so the tap root will develop. The containers should drain well. Your plants will need at least four hours of light each day and good air flow.

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