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How to Grow Queen's Wreath

Queen’s wreath (Petrea volubilis) is a warm-weather vine that grows in United States Department of Agriculture Zones 10b to 11. It can grow up to 40 feet and will cling to most surfaces. Queen’s wreath have red, pink or white flowers that bloom several times a year for weeks at a time.

Select a location that is in full sun or partial shade. Along a wall, trellis, fence or arbor are excellent places for this vine to grow.

Prepare the soil with a couple inches of compost, tilled in to make the soil more conducive to a thriving plant. However, queen’s wreath do tolerate most soil conditions.

Plant queen’s wreaths a couple inches deep and backfill with soil. Water and tamp down the soil to avoid any voids or air pockets. Space multiple plants 3-5 feet apart.

Water on occasion, especially during dry spells. During hot weather, water about once a week.

Keep grasses away from the roots of the plants and cover young plants on nights when possible frost may occur. A lightweight sheet or pillowcase will suffice.

Care For Queen's Wreath Vine

After it's established, queen's wreath vine loves heat and is quite drought-tolerant, but will perform best with regular water. In spring and summer, especially during the hottest periods, provide 1 inch of water per week. This plant will grow vigorously in almost any soils, performing well in average soil. With these added nutrients, the vine will flourish. Queen's wreath flowers on new growth, so the best time to prune is during the dormant season in winter. Even in areas where the vine stays evergreen, cut it down to the ground each year to refresh the plant. It will grow vigorously in spring and replace its vines quickly. If they become numerous, give them a sharp blast of water from the hose to knock them off. The plant itself may become a problem if it grows out of control, but annual pruning will help keep it in check.

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