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How to Grow Moneywort


Moneywort spreads rapidly by rooting along its stems and could become invasive if it is not contained within its intended growing bed.

Moneywort is a low-growing perennial ground cover. It quickly spreads to cover the ground in its planting bed. Plant moneywort beneath shade trees or near streams or ponds to control erosion. Planted in hanging baskets, moneywort will trail over the edges with their small yellow flowers that bloom along the length of the stems.

Plant moneywort as a ground cover in full sun to part shade. The soil should be evenly-moist; moneywort grows well near streams or ponds.

Prepare the planting bed. Remove competing weeds or other vegetation. Apply a 2-inch layer of compost on the soil in the planting bed. Incorporate the compost into the soil by digging it in with a shovel, then rake the soil smooth.

Plant moneywort transplants 12 to 18 inches apart in all directions. Dig a small hole with a garden trowel and insert the roots of the transplant. Back fill the hole and firm the soil around the base of the plants.

Water after the entire bed has been planted. Use an overhead lawn sprinkler and let it run until the soil is moist 4 inches below the surface.

Fertilize with a ½-to-1-inch layer of compost spread in the planting bed in spring. No additional fertilizer is needed.

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