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How to Grow Pansies Indoors


Pansies tend to grow stringly or leggy when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. If this happens simply trim the leggy limbs, and move it into less sunlight.

Pansies are defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a garden plant derived from Johnny-jump-ups and other wild violets. Despite their name these flat-faced flowers are a hardy plant species known for their cool weather tolerance. In most gardens pansies can be found in beds, boarders or pots. However, with diligence and cool temperatures they can be grown as houseplants. Throughout the winter months many pansy lovers choose to bring their plants indoors, and others just want to add some color to an otherwise green landscape.

Seeds and So On

Pansies, either grown indoors year round or for outside use, should always be started inside. Although the plants are cool-weather tolerant, the delicate seeds and seedlings are not. Sow pansy seeds using potting soil approximately three to five weeks prior to planting outside. Always use new potting soil to avoid bug or fungus infestation, and water them regularly. Seeds that have been properly stored will produce sprouts within 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Ensure that you have the proper amount of seedling by sowing a few extra. Some seedlings are bound to be lost through the thinning process.

Seedlings and potted plants destined to live indoors will need plenty of room to grow. Once seedlings have grown their first set of true leaves, they can be transplanted into pots as houseplants. Keep in mind that pansies are bi-annuals and will not produce flowers until their second year.

Getting the lighting and temperature right the first time is the biggest challenge of growing pansies indoors. Although they like cool temperatures--think 70 degrees or less--they do like a significant amount of light. According to Houseplants as Sanitary Agents by James Meschter Anders, pansies will not bloom if the temperature dips below 55 degrees. In addition, pansies grown to close to the window will likely get burned from the heat. Place pansies in a sunny location away from the window. Again keep temperatures cool. A sun room or entranceway is an excellent location for indoor pansies.

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