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How to Prune Eastern White Pine

The Eastern White Pine is a tree that has spread throughout almost all of the United States, except for the southern and western coastal regions. If you have a sunny area that gets at least a half a day of sunlight, you can grow a Eastern White Pine tree. Their bluish green needles are soft to the touch and the branches are easy to trim for pruning.

Cut out any dead branches. Since eastern white pines are so popular, they are often seen in landscaping designs. Dead branches are hosts for disease and cause the tree to look unsightly. Simply cut out any as close to the trunk of the tree as possible.

Prune back any lower branches that might hinder someone walking under them on older tall trees if the tree is close to a pathway. Cut the branch as close to the truck as possible without damaging the bark on the tree trunk. It will bleed sap for a few days if you don't cut during the dormant stage in early spring, but will harden over within a few weeks.

Saw off the bottom layer of branches that might be resting on the ground. It will improve airflow and keep leaves and debris from collecting under the tree. If the tree is large, it will be a little difficult to reach in through the thick branches so a pole pruner might be necessary. Cut as close to the tree trunk as possible and as early in the spring as possible.

Remove the lower branches on trees that are being grown for timber. You can keep cutting off the branches as the tree grows, but never cut higher than half the height of the tree. This will cause the wood to be straight grained, perfect for lumber. Remember to do this during late winter/early spring while the tree is dormant.

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