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How to Clean an Outdoor Concrete Fountain


Store the tubing and pump indoors during the winter months. Make sure to empty any water out of the fountain during the winter months to help minimize the normal expansion and contraction of concrete. Try to keep the fountain bowl as dry as possible.

The trickling sounds of water soothe anyone who enters your backyard paradise. Birds land on the fountain rims, dipping their beaks and bodies into the cool water for a daily drink and bath. Outdoor fountains add an extra something to a garden than simply defies explanation. This lovely addition to your outdoor décor requires some care to keep the fountain working properly and looking beautiful. Concrete offers a very durable material in fountain construction as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. Let's look at how to clean an outdoor concrete fountain.

How to Clean an Outdoor Concrete Fountain

Unplug the fountain, and, if possible, remove the pump and tubing. Drain the fountain by putting the pump into the main part of the fountain, plugging it in and directing the tubing into a garden or drain. Empty out all of the water.

Unplug the pump and separate the tubing from the pump. Run water through the tubing to remove any debris. Fill a bucket with 2 cups of liquid bleach and water. Place the tubing inside the bucket and allow it to soak for at least an hour.

Mix a solution of 3 parts of white vinegar, and 1 part water in a bucket. Pour this solution into the fountain, and scrub the interior of the fountain bowl with a scrub brush. Vinegar works as a natural antibacterial and fungicide to remove slimy buildup from standing water or to remove plant matter from the concrete.

Rinse the vinegar completely out of the fountain. Avoid spraying the vinegar onto any plants in the vicinity since vinegar can be used as a weed deterrent.

Add more water to the concrete fountain bowl, and dump in a cup of household bleach. Allow this solution to sit for at least a 1/2 hour. If you have animals or regular bird visitors to the fountain, remain near the fountain to prevent any animal drinking from the bleach solution.

Remove the tubing from the bleach solution, and direct the hose spray into the tubing.

Spray out the entire bowl of the fountain, being careful not to expose tender plants to the bleach solution.

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