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How to Grow Yellow Fringed Orchid

By Kelly Shetsky ; Updated September 21, 2017

Yellow fringed orchid, or Platanthera ciliaris, is also known as orange plume. It grows to be 40 inches high, with leaves that are 12 inches long. The flowers have an irregular shape, and are light orange in color. They bloom in the late spring and continue until late summer. Yellow fringed orchid can survive in many diverse habitats, including dry woods, swamps and fields. They are known to grow as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as Florida and Texas, but are threatened or endangered in many areas.

Choose a planting site with very high moisture content and light shade. Yellow fringed orchid does very well in water gardens or bogs.

Test the soil and make sure it is highly acidic. The perennial requires a pH level between 5.1 to 6.0.

Plant the perennial in the garden or in a pot. Rake the soil to remove any debris, then place the plant in the ground so the root ball is even to the soil surface. Cover with soil and compost.

Use a combination of 50-percent leaf litter, 25-percent pearlite and charcoal, and 25-percent peat when planting yellow fringed orchid in a pot.

Water your plant well when it's blooming and growing. Less water is needed during inactive months.


Things You Will Need

  • Rake
  • Compost
  • Soil
  • Pot
  • Leaf litter
  • Charcoal/pearlite
  • Peat


  • Yellow fringed orchid requires a cold dormancy below 40 degrees F in the winter months or it won't bloom.

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