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How to Propagate Angel Trumpets


In the warmer regions of the country, Angel Trumpets will bloom all year long.

Angel Trumpets require no fertilization at all. If you are fertilizing other plants in your garden, you can also throw a little bit of fertilizer on it as it will not do it any harm.

Angel Trumpets can be pruned to stay bush size or can be allowed to grow into a small tree.


Do not ingest any part of the plant as it is toxic and may cause death.

The Angel Trumpet, or Brugmansia, is a very easy plant to propagate and grow. It requires nothing fancy or elaborate to get a branch to root. The captivating blossoms are definitely an eye catcher in any landscape. The long bell-shaped blooms are where it got its name. The flowers come in a diverse range of colors with everything from purple, pink, yellow and orange to white. Angel Trumpets can be grown outside in the tropical and subtropical areas of the country where they are not in danger of freezing. Grow them in containers in colder regions.

Cut a branch just below the plant node, leaving no more than ΒΌ inch of stem below the node. Be sure to cut a branch that has at least three plant nodes on it. The node is where the roots will develop.

Remove all the leaves from the branch except for the newest ones on the top portion of it. Do not strip the branch of leaves entirely.

Fill a container with a lightweight potting mix or Perlite. This will allow the plant to breathe and develop roots. Using a heavier potting soil will keep the area too wet and the cutting may rot before it has a chance to root.

Pour some rooting hormone onto a paper towel. Dip the cut end of the branch into the rooting hormone and shake off the excess. Do not dip the branch directly into the container of rooting hormone as you can contaminate it. Using rooting hormone is not necessary as Angel Trumpets root very easily.

Stick the coated end of the branch into the potting mixture, being sure to cover at least one plant node. Make sure it is deep enough into the potting mixture that the branch can stand upright.

Water the cutting. Keep the soil moist while you are waiting for the branch to root. Angel Trumpets are drought tolerant once established, but must be kept moist while rooting.

Fill a container that has no drain holes in it with water. Place your cutting into the container and roots should start to develop in several weeks. Keep the container filled with water. This method of rooting can be used if you do not want to place the cuttings directly into the soil.

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