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The Benefits of Using a Lawn Roller

Several important uses for lawn rollers exist when maintaining or seeding a new lawn. For the average person, lawn rollers are used for the single purpose of preparing a bare area for planting. A lawn roller as a regular maintenance tool gives the look of a professionally cared for lawn without paying landscape maintenance fees. Lawn rollers are available in several sizes and types to accomplish the necessary job.


A lawn roller is a device used during lawn seeding or for maintenance purposes on a lawn. The roller consists of a large tube mounted with a handle unit for pulling. A lawn roller is a manual version that works similar to how a steam roller flattens roads.

Types of Rollers

Lawn rollers are available in several types. The most common are manual devices with the roller made out of plastic or steel and filled with water for weight. Lawn rollers are available at most hardware and lawn care stores at a starting cost of approximately $99. There are lawn roller attachments for riding lawnmowers or ATVs, to make the process easy. These attachments are costly, but can be rented from hardware stores or rental centers.

How to Use

The manual lawn rollers must be manually pushed or pulled. This process is cumbersome and time consuming for large lawns. A roller pulled by an ATV or lawnmower works better in this case. Prior to rolling the area, remove all rocks, twigs and debris from the area. Large bumps should be dug smooth for best results. Prior to seeding or laying sod, the ground may need to be rolled several times to make it smooth.

Reason for Use

A lawn roller is commonly used when seeding a new lawn. Prior to laying seed, use the roller to flatten the ground and smooth our areas. After seeding, use a light, empty roller to set the seed in place. A lawn roller will also assist with laying a new sod lawn. First use the roller to flatten the ground prior to laying sod and then lightly roll the newly laid sod to eliminate air pockets and promote root implantation. Too heavy a rolling will damage new sod. Rolling an established lawn prior to mowing will help with getting an even cut with a lawnmower.


Lawn rollers work to create a flat, even surface for laying a new seed or sod lawn which is preferred by most people. Lightly rolling sod that is starting to take root into the ground will encourage the roots to grow deeper into the dirt underneath. Using the lawn roller after mowing will produce the stripes seen on professional baseball fields and the illusion of a well maintained lawn.

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