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How to Wrap Cut Flowers

By Greg Lindberg ; Updated September 21, 2017

If you decide to cut your own fresh flowers you need to take the proper actions to keep the flowers alive. Typical fresh cut flowers include roses, gerbera daisies, irises, lilies and tulips. Whether you are keeping the fresh cut flowers for yourself, for decoration or as gifts, you must also wrap and place the flowers in water to help prolong their life. Before you decide to cut the flowers, you should have all the necessary materials to wrap the stems together and a vase to put them in water.

Buy cellophane from your local flower shop that is for wrapping flower bouquets. Make sure that the cellophane is strong enough to protect flowers. Never use plastic wrap in place of the cellophane. Also, make sure the cellophane is either clear or a color that goes with the type of flower you will be wrapping.

Cut the flowers at 1/3 inch from the bottom using a sharp knife or floral cutter. You will also need to remove any large or dangerous thorns on the stem that could possibly cut through the cellophane.

Attach the stems of the flowers together with a thin rubber band. Wrap it around several times until the flowers are no longer loose.

Use scissors to cut a sheet of cellophane that is long enough to cover the flowers. This depends on the length of your flowers, and you wrap the sheet around the flowers first before you cut them.

Wrap the cellophane around the flowers, starting just slightly before the bud of the flowers. Make sure the cellophane sheet is long enough that you can wrap it around the flowers at least twice.

Wrap another rubberband around the bottom of the cellophane to keep it secure on the flowers. You can then add a ribbon around the cellophane to tighten the cellophane on even more and to also decorate the boutique.


Things You Will Need

  • Rubber bands
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Ribbon